About Eva Douglas




Eva Douglas is the pseudonym of an eternally young, refreshingly dynamic and energetic authority on western art, a published and respected author of six coffee table art books, a talent in constant demand as speaker, lecturer, art jurist and buyer, and yet who, for fictions’ sake at least, prefers to write anonymously.  The author’s own feverish desire to live the life of her heroine, Lydia Surreault…IE…a striking yet lonely, relationship-shy yet intuitive, forthright yet vulnerable, globetrotting though constantly homesick and, most importantly, famously successful ‘finder’… was thwarted by her fairytale, supremely satisfying 20-year marriage to her true love, JP, who also prefers to remain anonymous.

Aside from the foundation that a solid marriage and emotional stability provides, the author shares many of the attributes of her protagonist, Lydia, including growing up tough in Montana; a delicate and finely tuned radar for value in the seemingly mundane; dogged determination and appreciation for the rewards it bestows; grit and grime hidden beneath finely manicured fingernails; feminine charm in bounteous abundance; a tuning fork for nuance and understanding of human behavior; and finally, an insatiable desire for anything and everything labeled Chanel.  Take it from one who knows, Lydia Surreault is only faint substitute for the real thing.

Signed – A Secret Admirer




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