Back to My Boots

I’ve said all along that the heroine of my book, Reckless Harvest, mirrors me in one significant way: Born and raised on a cattle ranch in the pioneer west, proud of her heritage and true to it…and yet magnetically attracted to European refinement, especially the land of her (my) forefathers, France.  Back from my extended trip I’m having my first cup of coffee, listening to Sam Riggs (Angola’s Lament), amazed at how comfortable a well-worn set of cowboy boots can be.  And thinking, ‘maybe it’s time for a new set of heels…’ 


Nobody will ever muck out a barn with those but Lucchese has put boots on a lot of famous feet over the years from John Wayne and Johnny Cash to Zsa Zsa Gabor…


A far cry from my first set of Acmes… 😉 

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