A Website of Worldly Pleasures

That doesn’t describe my blog, at least not yet. But it IS the reason I just traveled through some of the most beautiful Alpine panoramas Austria has to offer without even looking out the train window. I was engrossed in the Financial Times weekend supplement called “How To Spend It” (Clever play on words). The website is every bit as sumptuous as the print version:



The caption for the above fashion statement is, “Bold Shoulder”. I think of the mag as a gift catalogue for wealthy London investment bankers who otherwise would have no idea what appropriately outrageous gifts to shower upon their gold digging partners (snark).   Here’s an advertisement for the Mayfair Hotel that instantly got my romance blood boiling. Look at the suite… and now comes the caption:  “A Clandestine Weekend For the Happily Married to Cheat on Their Kids”.  I love the idea. And I don’t even HAVE kids!


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