My Image of Jacqueline Kirby

Just re-reading an old favorite,  “DIE FOR LOVE” by the lamentably late Elizabeth Peters.  Here’s a delicious excerpt, Peters describing her heroine, Jacqueline Kirby, through the eyes of a frustrated admirer:

“Her tall, upright figure was as slim as that of a woman half her age – not that James had ever been officially informed of that number, but since she had two adult children he knew she must be over forty.  Her thick auburn hair had not a touch of grey and James, who was well acquainted with Jacqueline’s hair and with the products women use to conceal that particular sign of aging, would have sworn she employed none of them.”

Well, when I saw this portrait in Glasgow, I figured Jack Vettriano must have been channeling “Jake” when he painted it:


My Goodness, she looks like she could light those candles just by staring at them.  This painting is owned by Jack Nicholson, by the way…Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get back to my guilty pleasure…

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