Reckless Harvest Excerpt

God, I know that guy on my book cover is just a mockup, but he makes for some pretty delicious eye candy!  😉

OK, as promised, a short excerpt from Reckless Harvest.  Short and long synopses are posted below but here is the setup for this scene:

Our heroine and “Finder”,  Lydia Surreault, has reluctantly assented to a last case,  helping a brash millionaire, Sean Berwick, solve a mystery at a fabulous but decaying villa on the French Riviera.  He has emphasized that time is of the essence, but even though Lydia throws herself into her work, both are constantly distracted by an undeniable, erotically charged attraction.  In this scene, Sean convinces Lydia to shirk her responsibility for the afternoon and take a ‘relaxing’ swim in the azure ocean:

“No, no, no,” Sean countered. “I’m afraid you’ll have to cancel poor Jacques today.”  He leaned across the table, hovering over her and she leaned back languidly in his office chair, reveling in the aroma of his freshly-shaven face.  Her heart was thudding again and underneath the desk, her thighs spread just a bit as her body made an unconscious bid to welcome him.

“So sorry. My employer expects quick results. I don’t want to disappoint him.” Her voice took on a sultriness that caught Sean by surprise. He wanted her this very instant.

“Never mind what he told you to do…do what he tells you.”

“You don’t know my boss. He can be very difficult if he doesn’t get what he wants. He rants and raves.”

“How right you are.  What he wants is for you to join him this afternoon for a swim in the ocean.”

“Sounds dangerous.”

“The ocean is always full of dangers and delights in equal measure.  Especially with a chilled bottle of Veuve Cliquot.”

“You didn’t mention the champagne. In that case of course I’ll change my plans.”

“Don’t forget to forget your swimsuit.”

“Oh, I will…I mean…I won’t. I think.”

He was leaning forward now and she slowly rose from her seat to meet him.

“Ahem…” It was the rasping voice of Jules, the foreman.  “You asked me to tell you when we’re ready to put the bar back into place. It’s ready to go.”

“I detect a conspiracy to keep me from kissing you,” Sean whispered, standing.

“We’d better keep our rendezvous a secret then…prying eyes and everything.”

“Can you keep a secret?”

“Until my first glass of champagne. That usually loosens my tongue.”

“Then I shall bring two bottles.”


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