“…Said the Twit to the Tweeter…”

Trying frantically to keep up with my gorgeous teenage niece, I am now the proud owner of an I-phone 5. The teenager also, graciously, accompanied me to the nearest Apple Store for a tutorial, though I had the feeling she could have taught the tutor a thing or two. Yes, Siri is ‘kewl’ but what impressed me most was the panorama picture function which I used recently to capture a still standing section of “The Wall” in Berlin…


Now my niece is also tutoring me in the world of Twitter, and as much as the idea used to turn me off, I am now fascinated by the connections made in such a short while.  For instance, a fellow romance writer tweeted that her book has just been published in German…and indeed I found the title in a downtown Berlin bookstore! A sample of our correspondence! 


Suddenly it seems I have a friend I’ve never met. Pen Pals, we used to call them.  Frighteningly, IC that Twitter lingo comes surprisingly easily 2 me,  and my creative juices started flowing.  My niece is surely thinking right now, “I taught my Aunt to tweet and all I got in return was this stupid “Twitterick”… 


A twittering teenie (so sweet)! 

Tried to tutor her Auntie to tweet 

NTS now IC,


And remember UR what you tweet! 


Incidentally, the French have their own twitter shortcuts, including SVP (S’il vous plait) and RAHV, which translates loosely to LOL.   Eva Douglas, dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century!   (TMB!)

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