May The Force Be With Us

Think of how different cinematic history would be if Han Solo’s first words to Princess Leia were, ‘hey, next time you’re in my part of the universe text me, maybe we could hang out together.’  Most likely there never would have been a Star Wars sequel, not to mention five of them. 

As writers we know the importance of building strong characters but George Lucas took it all to epic proportions – the universal struggle of good versus evil, supercharged with delicious villains, marvellous heroes, jealousy, love, hatred…a story that has enraptured children of all ages for going on 35 years.  It’s all based on character. The story evolves from the players and it is magic we should all aspire to. 


I write this because my irrepressible nephew Christopher took time out from traipsing across Europe to attend the ‘Star Wars Celebration Europe’ convention in Essen, Germany, along with thousands of fanatics from all over Europe and the world.



Chrissy is a bright guy with a big future…but Friday he was in his element, as awestruck as any six-year old.  Amazing when you think about it, the power we have to transport our readers. It’s truly a gift and a calling. OK, I’ll admit it, I still get a thrill up my leg when I think of Han Solo.  🙂 


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