I honestly thought the hard part was over. Three years learning about Lydia and Sean, the main characters in my romance novel, shaping them, learning to love and accept them, being surprised by their quirks and resoluteness, agonizing over their sorrows, revelling in their ultimate happiness.  Then came the second, fifth, tenth drafts, the justified criticism that I hated so much then and am profusely thankful for now. The next hurdle was generating interest, crafting a synopsis, sending enquiries to dozens…no, let’s be honest…over one hundred publishers and agents, followed by stacks of replies that the manuscript was ‘an impressive first effort but not quite good enough.’  

OK, I thought. let’s try the Ebook route. And as I began my research I instantly came across a most demoralizing quote…’posting a book on Amazon is like shedding a tear into the Pacific Ocean.’  Upon reading it, my first impulse was to cry enough tears to raise the sea levels an inch or two (AND increase the salt content!).  But on second thought, the seas will rise just as much through beads of sweat. Which is why I am here.

I am embarking on an adventure in marketing, name recognition and learning all of the technology that allows each and every one of us a global reach. I will be posting regularly about my exploits, offering advice as I see fit, gratefully accepting it from fellow writers and, perhaps, fans. More information on the way! 

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